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IoT6 SME Handbook

By supporting research projects, the European Commission expects it to contribute to job creations in Europe. The present handbook has been written to support SMEs in the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 in order to help them addressing the Internet of Things emerging market.

It gathers some key recommendations on how to exploit IPv6 features for the Internet of Things. The handbook is organized as follows:

Chapter 1 gives an overview of the main benefits that the Internet of Things can gain by using IPv6, and describes some potential area of applications, such as cloud, mobile word, building automation.

Chapter 2 details for the SMEs, the main benefit of  integrating IPv6 and IoT. As an example, some of the use (and business) cases developed in the context of the IoT6 project are presented.

Chapter 3 provides some practical advices and several technical details about how SMEs can set up IPv6, and in detail, how different services (mail and web server, DNS, etc.) can be enabled with IPv6.

Finally, Chapter 4 concludes the book. We hope you will enjoy reading it.

Feel free to download IoT6 Handbook.

Welcome to IoT6 website!

IoT6 is a 3 years FP7 European research project on the future Internet of Things. It aims at exploring the potential of IPv6 and related standards (6LoWPAN, CORE, COAP, etc.) to overcome the current shortcomings and fragmentation of the Internet of Things. We are pleased to present you our project and to share with you some IoT and IPv6-related resources and documents, including our IoT6 SME handbook.

We hope you will enjoy this website and we invite you to fill our on-line survey on IPv6 for the Internet of Things