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A new Working Group (WG) called 6TiSCH has being recently formed within the IETF [6TiSCH WG]. It aims to link IEEE802.15.4e TSCH [IEEE802.15.4e] capabilities with prior IETF 6LoWPAN and ROLL standardization efforts and recommendations.

6TiSCH  will document an open standards-based architecture, highlight best practices, and standardize the missing components to achieve industrial-grade performance in terms of jitter, latency, scalability, reliability and low-power operation for IPv6 over IEEE802.15.4e TSCH. The scope of the 6TiSCH architecture is an IPv6 multi-link subnet that is spread over a high speed powered backbone and a number of IEEE802.15.4e TSCH wireless mesh networks connected to the backbone by synchronized backbone routers (BBRs). The 6TSCH architecture  will specify how packets that belong to a deterministic IPv6 flow are marked and routed or forwarded over the mesh within jitter and latency budgets. It will also cover security, link management for the IPv6 network layer, neighbor discovery and routing [6tiSCHesIoT].

When possible, the 6TiSCH group will reuse existing protocols such as IP6 Neighbor Discovery (ND), IPv6 Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPAN), and the Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks (RPL), with the minimum adaptation required to meet criteria for reliability and determinism within the mesh, and scalability over the backbone [6TiSCHBookChapter].




[6TiSCHesIoT] P. Thubert, T. Watteyne, M.R. Palattella, X. Vilajosana, Q. Wang, 'IETF 6TSCH: Combining IPv6 Connectivity with Industrial Performance", Proc. of IEEE esIoT, Workshop on Extending Seamlessly to the Internet of Things 2013, July 2013, Taichung, Taiwan.

[6TiSCHBookChapter] M. R. Palattella, P. Thubert, X. Vilajosana, T. Watteyne, Q. Wang, and T.Engel,

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