President of the IPv6 Forum, presented Jean-Maries Spauz of POST Luxembourg with the International Leadership Award.

Luxembourg IPv6 Council co-chaired by Jean-Marie Spaus and Prof. Thomas Engel received the Jim Bound Award.

IOT6 has won a session at ICT Spring 2014 in Luxembourg.

IoT6 presented key conclusions and recommendations on IPv6 for the Internet of Things.

We are pleased to announce that we finalized and printed an IoT6 Handbook for SMEs.

IoT6 contributed to the IERC Book: The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)

Press release: First IPv6-only OpenStack Cloud used to deliver production services is deployed by Nephos6

IOT6 has founded the IEEE COMSOC IOT SubCommittee:

IoT6 will present its findings and recommendations to the banking sector and SMEs at ICT Spring 2014

IoT6 organised two sessions at the IOT Forum in London June 17-18, 2014